Paris Best Of 2016

Some folks asked us for recommendations based on our six months over in Paris this year. Since they weren’t specific, we put together this list of all kinds of things we loved from our stay (with an obvious bias towards food)!


(pictured: a Saturday brunch at Dersou)

  • Best restaurant overall: Dersou (weekday dinner or Saturday brunch)
    • … honorable mentions: Tannat, Pirouette, Monjul
  • Best baguette: Boulangerie la Parisienne
  • Best fast food: l’As du Falafel
  • Best pizza: East Mamma/Ober Mamma/Big Mamma
  • Best market: Marché d’Aligre
  • Best French food: (still) le Comptoir du Relais
  • Best men’s clothing: Spontini Marais
  • Best hidden park: Parc de Bercy
  • Best lebanese: Loubnane
    • … honorable mention: Chez le Libanais
  • Best burger: le Matignon
  • Best place to pretend you’re in Brooklyn: Buvette Gastrotheque
  • Best pan-fried dumplings: Guo Xin
  • Best department store: BHV Marais
  • Best ice cream: Une Glace à Paris
  • Best “cave a manger” (wine bar w/ food): le Mary Celeste
  • Best men’s haircut: Les Thermes de Lutece
  • Best substitute for Blue Bottle: Cream Belleville

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