Short Trips

On a six-month sabbatical I figure you can reasonably visit about 12 places, maybe 2 per month or so. This assumes that you want some time to enjoy your chosen city (e.g., one is never bored in Paris), and some time to rest, recuperate, explore professional interests, etc. We’re deliberately orienting our list towards places we can fly to in less than a few hours and stay for a few days, but also places that we’d be unlikely to visit with a full long-haul trip from the West Coast.

Here’s our list:

  • Amsterdam, always a good time
  • Tenerife, incredible. Imagine Hawaii with Spanish food
  • Berlin, the hip but frozen capital of Prussia
  • Brittany / le Côte d’Armor
  • Morocco – Marrakech
  • Greece – Athens, Crete
  • Portugal
  • Madrid, Barcelona
  • Normandy
  • Italy – Rome, Venice
  • Switzerland
  • Scandinavia – Sweden, Denmark, Finland



  • Istanbul
  • Warsaw/Krakow
  • Prague